Did you ever think that Windsor would promote the vegan diet?

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Today we present a very interesting video with more data about the impossibility of achieving the required levels of meat production for human consumption. In addition to the damage to our health from meat intake, there are damages to the atmosphere.

Let’s contribute to the solution by eliminating animal products from our diets.

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Discover how to stay away from heart disease without medication or surgery


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Today we present a video on the benefits of the vegan diet on heart health. What we eat largely determines our health, so it is very useful to learn how to take care of our cardiac system with the vegan diet.

Turn to a healthier diet by excluding all animal products.
Adopt the vegan diet and stay away from heart disease!

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Easy steps to break your addiction to unhealthy foods


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Today we present a revealing video about the addictive properties of many popular foods that for some reason we find that we can’t stop eating, including all kinds of meat, dairy, sweeteners, etc.

Turn to a healthier diet by excluding all animal products.
Adopt the vegan diet!

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The Standard American Diet might be the biggest threat to your health


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Today we present a couple of revealing videos about the dangers of the Standard American Diet, also know as SAD. We are very interested in SAD because in recent decades, it has also been gradually exported to many other countries.

Part one:

Part two:

Let’s adopt a healthier diet by eliminating our consumption of animal products.
Adopt the vegan diet!

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How can a vegan diet fix both health and climate world problems?


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Today we present a renowned researcher from Cornell University in the USA specializing in human nutrition. Dr. T. Colin Campbell is the project manager of diet and health between China, Cornell and Oxford which has been known worldwide as The China Study. This study has shown that the plant based diet is the optimal for human health as it reduces the incidence of chronic diseases.

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Recommendations to take on veganism

Do you suffer from gastritis or reflux?

Life does not have to be painful. Gastritis and reflux are diseases from the way we eat. Decide to change your diet. Healthy eating is cheaper and more pleasant than having to use medications such as anti-acids.

Do you want to know how to get started in veganism?

Here we provide a few tips that you can easily follow to reduce your pain and start your vegan diet. They are not complicated. It is very easy to do once you decide you want to live better.

  • Eat lots of fruit to get energy and vitamins.
  • Eat plenty of vegetables, and ensure that they have both green and other colors, to get more vitamins and minerals.
  • Eat lots of whole grains, oats, wheat, corn, etc. to get energy and fiber.
  • Eat tubers like potatoes which also provide energy and minerals.
  • Eat legumes moderately, such as beans, fava beans, chickpeas, lentils, to supplement your protein, minerals and vitamins.
  • And of course, eat the least amount possible of meat, dairy and eggs; because all the nutrients you require, can come from plants.

One-week trial

Try for a week without eating meat, without dairy and tell us how you feel. Try one more week and watch how your health improves and how your health problems decrease.

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Ideas to replace meats

Hi everyone!

One of the questions that we often get is: What foods to use instead of meat, poultry, fish, seafood, pork, etc. People want to know how to consume protein on a vegetarian diet without eating animal foods.

Here are a number of easy to follow tips for adopting vegetarianism.

Say yes to proteins, say no to saturated fat and say no to cholesterol

It is worth remembering that the first reason for avoiding meats, is that although they contain high amounts of proteins, these proteins have side effects in humans.

The well-planned vegetarian diet contains the necessary amounts of protein that the body needs. On the other hand, the vegetarian individual excludes cholesterol from food because the human body produces the cholesterol it needs. In addition vegetarianism greatly reduces saturated fats.

With this said, the vegetarian gives a healthy alternative to meat consumption.


Replacing meat with vegetables

So here go six tips…

1. Add potatoes to your meals

Especially when you prepare them boiled or baked, and avoid peeling them, they help you feel that you are eating fiber and therefore they fight hunger.

You can season them with garlic powder, lemon, sauces, species such as pepper, cumin, etc.

In many cases you can substitute chicken fillet, beef or fish for a few potato slices, strips or pieces.

2. Prepare a whole-wheat sandwich

You can use slices of bread, buns, pitas, rolls, etc. as long as they are truly whole-wheat bread. Avoid using industrialized bread that claims to use whole-wheat without doing so.

Whole-wheat breads are harder than white bread, so they help you feel that you are effectively filling your stomach.

3. Add granola to your fruit or salad

Granola is toasted and has ingredients such as oats, wheat, nuts, peanuts, raisins, etc. Because it is toasted and crispy, it helps you feel that you are satisfying your need to chew food.

4. Add cereal grains or legumes to your dishes

Use corn, peas, chickpeas, green beans, rolled oats, brown rice, etc. When you add these ingredients to salads, to your servings of vegetables or to other dishes, you are creating dishes that satisfy hunger.

5. Complement your dish a slice of rustic wheat bread

Whole-wheat bread is relatively hard, so it helps you feel you eat something firm. If you toast it, its hardness increases, improving the feeling that you are filling your stomach.

It is very easy to find bread made with 100% whole-wheat, whole-rye, whole-oats, etc.

6. Prepare toasts with your favorite dish

Use roasted, baked or dehydrated toasts with no added fat. Make sure that are they are not fried.

Again, hardness in toasts helps you feel that you are filling your stomach.

Protein and other nutrients

Visit our website where you will find the nutrients present in foods, such as those listed above, this includes the proteins that they contain.

Reference: http://mexicovegetariano.com/nutricion.php


Look at this protein chart.

Proteins per 100g portion
Foods Grams of protein
Lentils 26
Beans 24
Fava beans 23
Wheat 23
Oats 17
Barley 10
Chickpeas 9


Keep learning about food and decide to change!
Make up your mind. Improve your family’s health. Eat healthily.

We wish you good health.

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